Eco-Friendly Specialty Paper and Tissue

Dunn Paper is a Specialty paper manufacturer and converter with a focus on eco-friendly “specialty” paper, outside of printing and writing grade. We work with top converters and brands across North America, creating innovative sustainable paper products that have thousands of possible applications.

Custom Packaging That Goes Beyond One-Size-Fits-All

We do things a little differently over at Dunn.

Here’s How it Works:

Let us know what you’ll be using our paper for, and we’ll help find the right solution for you. Our expert team of paper manufacturers, product developers, scientists, and trained sales professionals will work with you to find custom paper packaging to meet your needs.

  1. Choose your base
  2. Add a specialty barrier
  3. Layer on one or more of our paper coatings

A Quick Guide to Some of Our Paper Types

Clay-Coated Paper:

Coated with refined clay, which fills the gaps between fibers in the paper, helping seal it off from outside elements.

Wax-Coated Paper:

Durable and moisture-resistant; a thin coating of wax keeps the paper product from disintegrating when it comes in contact with any moisture (ie. grease, water).

Water-Based Coated Paper:

BiOrigin paper products are a new technology that combines the origins of paper (trees and water) with the functionality of bio-based, compostable and recyclable coatings.

Machine-Glazed (MG) Base:

An uncoated paper product that’s high-gloss on one side, and rough on the other (think, medical examination paper at the doctor’s office) that can be layered on with an antimicrobial barrier.

Creped Tissue:

A paper product that has been creped to give the sheet more stretchiness and softness (think napkins, towels, bath tissue) that can be designed to be highly porous or tightly closed. It can be highly absorbent or fluid-resistant and all can be treated to provide microbial and viral controlling properties.

Through Air Dried Tissue:

A structured tissue that is not pressed, but rather dried by blowing hot air through it to make it more fluffy and absorbent. Excellent for kitchen towels, wipers, and wherever absorbency is needed.

See the Difference Dunn is Making in Your Industry

Our eco-friendly paper and tissue products have so many applications – there’s simply no time to list them all! Here are a few key examples of how they’re being used to improve sustainable companies across North America:

Food Services

Innovative Food Service and QSR paper products are our bread and butter.

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We’re at the forefront of research in medical paper and tissue products.

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Retail / Grocery

Our functional paper is helping remove plastic from the retail and grocery food chain

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Sanitary / Hygiene

We have the cleanest solutions for all your sanitary and hygiene paper needs.

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We’re building a better future through innovative industrial paper and tissue.

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Don’t see your industry here? Contact us anyway! We’re always looking for new challenges.

The Best Customer Service in the Paper Business

Aside from our phenomenal range of wholesale paper products and proprietary technologies, we pride ourselves on offering you top-notch customer service. Our friendly staff will walk you through every step of the process, answering any questions you have along the way.