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Introducing BiOrigin™ – The Next Generation Of Sustainable Coated Paper

We’ve Dunn it again – we’ve taken everything you know and love about paper, stripped it down, and built it back up. Over the last several years, European regulations have banned the use of PFAS chemicals in food packaging papers. Long before the FDA took action to sunset the manufacture and sale of these additives in the U.S., however, Dunn developed paper grades that offer the same level of performance but are PFAS-free.

Paper is inherently sustainable, but the chemicals that are added to increase its functionality are what diminish its environmental benefits. So we’ve taken paper and rebuilt it from the ground up, starting with nothing but fiber and water, flipping traditional chemistry on its head, then using bio-based methods to enhance its performance. BiOrigin™ is truly a one-of-a-kind paper that has vowed to go PFAS-free, opting for specialty paper coatings that meet certification requirements for renewability, recyclability, and compostability.

“It was important to us to create an eco-friendly paper grade that was free from harmful chemicals and still delivered barrier performance,” said Scott McNutt, who was instrumental in the development of BiOrigin™. “We used the latest technology in barrier-coated paper and paired it with our state-of-the-art grease, moisture, and oxygen barrier coatings and created this second-to-none product that will benefit our customers and the environment alike.”

What Can BiOrigin™ Paper Be Used For?

This patented technology has many applications. For example, it’s perfect for the food service and retail/grocery industries, for products like sandwich wraps, clamshell paper food containers, stand up pouches, retail bags, and so much more. And the best part is, no matter the coating or barrier, BiOrigin™ is readily printable with your preferred branding and design. So go ahead, get creative!

Explore deeper into the BiOrigin™ technology and learn how it works with our coating breakdown:

BiOrigin™ Water-Based Barrier-Coated Paper

1a. First in-line coating – provides an effective film barrier with low porosity to prepare for the top coating application. Can be customized for target properties of oil/grease resistance and as a moisture vapor barrier.

2a. Second in-line-coating creates the final surface that achieves the highest levels of functional oil/grease barrier and optional moisture vapor barrier. The double coating is able to provide superior barrier performance.

3a. Base sheet – good formation, high opacity, low porosity and free of pinholes. Can be made with virgin market pulp or Dunn “valu”, a percentage of FDA-approved recycled fibers. FSC and SFI certification available. Colors and natural available.

4a. On basis weights above 35#, a back-side treatment can be applied for oil/grease resistance on both sides.

To learn more about BiOrigin™ visit this page or contact us directly!

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