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As one of the largest producers of sanitary tissue parent rolls, Dunn’s hygiene products are a trusted name in the US and across Canada. Personal care brands, converters, private labels, institutions, hotels, and casinos all agree that when it comes to hygiene, Dunn’s tissue is second to none.

Carrier & Forming Sheets | Away from Home & Retail Tissue | Sustainability

The Power to Absorb, Protect, and Repel.

Carrier & Forming Sheets

Dunn Paper is the leading supplier of carriers and forming tissue in North America. Our custom-designed tissue products offer the right balance of tensile, porosity and absorbency to help optimize your output.

High-Quality Paper Products With a Competitive Edge.

Away from Home & Retail Tissue

Independent converters across the country turn to Dunn Paper for all their tissue needs. From deep color napkins and premium recycled paper towels to Through Air Dried tissue products, Dunn’s technical team can custom-design sheet properties to satisfy end-user and converter needs, no matter what they may be.

A Commitment You Can Feel Good About.


Incorporating sustainability into every aspect of your hygiene business can go a long way when it comes to environmental responsibility and consumer trust. With Dunn Paper’s eco-friendly tissue options, you’ll feel good about your contribution to the environment, and pass that feeling on to your end-users, too!

Our Eco-Friendly Tissue Products Make Great:

Kitchen Towels
Premium Bonded Napkins (White or Deep Color)
Bathroom Tissue
Cosmetic / Bath Wipes
Feminine Hygiene Products
Children’s and Adult Diapers
Puppy Pads

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