Dunn Paper operates with a commitment to our community by being environmentally conscious and striving to ensure the continued availability of natural resources for current and future generations. We believe it is both good business practice and our duty to protect the natural resources of the communities we serve.
In addition to complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, we commit to:

  • Make environmental concerns an integral part of our planning and decision making process and commit sufficient resources to implement effective environmental programs.
  • Practice sound environmental stewardship of all company-owned facilities and properties and all natural and cultural resources under our management.
  • Maintain open channels of communication with our customers, employees, government agencies, public officials, the media and the public to meet their information needs in regard to energy and environmental issues.
  • Participate with government agencies and others in framing responsible laws, regulations and standards affecting the community, the workplace and the environment.
  • Ensure the proper handling and disposal of all wastes, and minimize their creation while pursuing opportunities to prevent pollution and recycle and reuse waste materials.
  • Support research and development of programs and technologies aimed at minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations.
  • Evaluate our environmental performance through periodic reviews and audits to ensure that our conduct is consistent with these principles.

St. Catharine's Toxic Reduction Plan & Reports