Specialty Tissues

Process Forming or Carrier Sheets– – Dunn is a major supplier of uniquely designed forming and cover tissues to major manufacturers of sanitary products in North America and abroad. Each product is specifically designed with a delicate balance of stretch, tensile and porosity which allows a converter to optimize production speeds and fluff containment. We also provide these in pastel colors.

  • Diapers Forming and Carrier
  • Meat and Poultry Pads
  • Airlaid Products
  • Bed Pads, Puppy Pads
  • Basis Weight range: 9.2# to 15#

Colored and Bonded Napkins– Dunn is North America’s leader in the production of pastel, mid-tone and deep-tone color napkin stock.  Our bonded napkins, suitable for high quality printing, can be purchased in white or in a customer color match.  Our color management system allows for precise color control and flexibility in order quantity.

  • 1, 2 & 3-Ply Napkins
  • Bonded Napkins
  • Basis Weight range: 9.0# to 14.5#

Medical Tissues – Dunn is a leading manufacturer of specialty tissue use to make Disposable Wiping and Protective Coverings for the Medical Industry.

  • Medical Face Masks- white and color
  • Creped Exam Table Cover
  • Lamination Tissue
  • Gown stock
  • Basis Weight range: 10.0# to 18#

Through-Air-Dried (TAD) Tissue- Dunn Paper owns and operates the only Through-Air-Dried tissue machine in North America that is exclusively dedicated to producing ‘Parent’ rolls for independent converters. TAD is utilized when customers are looking for absorbency and bulk matching the premium name-brand products.

  • Kitchen Roll Towels
  • Napkins
  • Bathroom Tissue
  • Basis Weight range: 11# to 18#

Coffee Filters- One of the leading suppliers to the major coffee filter manufacturers in the United States, Dunn Paper produces coffee filter paper that has been designed to give the flute and water flow properties needed to optimize effectiveness of both retail and commercial coffee filters.

  • Coned Filter Paper- suitable for stitching
  • Basket Filter Paper
  • Basis Weight range: 17# to 32#

Masking Tape Base Stock – Dunn Paper produces a line of base paper for use in the production of masking or painters tape.

  • Colors: White, Green and Blue
  • Basis Weight range: 23# – 28#